Life’s 7 Most Important Questions: #4 WHERE DO YOU PRESENTLY STAND?

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“…your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God…” Genesis 3:6b AMP

This question is closely connected with the last one. Together they form a deadly combination for many Christians. In fact, if most believers could get these two concepts down they would overcome many of the obstacles that prevent them from accurately interpreting much of the spiritual information made available to them.

The When and Where of things usually provide enough warning indicators to alert us that we are close to making a big mistake and need help. If we are not where we are supposed to be it is usually a good indication that we are also not in the right timing of things, and are probably not listening to the right voices! How many believers attempt to change their location instead of simply believing God where they are even if it is uncomfortable, letting Him take care of them and their frustrating situations?

Eve was still in control of her situation at this point in Genesis and so are we. If we can just locate ourselves on the spiritual map long enough to ask what in the world we are doing talking to a questionable creature about the unquestionable nature of The Creator, we have a shot at stopping the bleeding and recovering ourselves from the snare of the enemy!

Adam and Eve were already like God where they were. He had created them in His own image. God breathed the breath of life into them. On top of that He came around daily in the ‘wind’ of the day to reinforce the closeness of their relationship! When we are walking with God we don’t need to go anywhere else or project ourselves too far into our future. God enjoys being our ‘everything’ and proving His love for us where we are. However, if the Devil can convince you that there is that ever illusive ‘more’ just for the picking out there for you, you will not only forfeit what you already have but also fall from the security of where God has placed you right now!

When Moses stood before the impassable Red Sea with the Egyptian army behind him God adamantly asked him, “why do you cry to Me?” The command was to “go forward” using what God had already placed in his hand. Moses simply put forth the Rod that had already been used miraculously and opened up another opportunity for God to create yet another miracle! This is what Adam and Eve needed to do, trust that God had already given them all that they needed for that season. We must also use the priceless treasures that God has already placed in our hands to protect that ‘Garden Relationship’ we enjoy with the Lord.


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