Newtown’s Law

Newtown's Law book - Going through the motions to stop evilReady or not, there is a NEW battle being waged for the life of your TOWN! It can never really be safe until you learn who the combatants are, where the battleground lies and what keys unlock the authority necessary to win a warfare that is spiritual. This book will show you how to stand up in the ‘evil day’ and confront the very identifiable source responsible for the otherwise inexplicable, troubles that we are all facing. Senseless tragedies like the one in Newtown don’t just happen. They often originate from the interaction between mankind and unseen, opposing powers. When children become such easy targets for evil, it is time for adults everywhere to do more than just show concern…we must search out what really can be done about it. Sir Isaac Newton’s ‘Law of Motion’ teaches us the importance of universal laws and how movement works to play a key role in the outcome of two colliding forces. The title of this book plays on those words, to highlight the seriousness of a similar spiritual principle, the ‘Law of Spiritual Motion,’ Through it, you can learn how to apply God’s positive counter-force to the negative momentum around you and help stop unwanted outcomes in your town, before they happen!

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