Life’s 7 Most Important Questions: #5 WHY DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

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“…you will be like God, knowing the difference between Good and Evil…”   Genesis 3:5 AMP

The devil loves to emphasize the intellectual differences among God’s people, and at the same time capitalize on their ignorance to separate and divert them from the things that really matter.

As I stated earlier, God obviously had a greater plan for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the lessons it contained than simply using it as a gauge to test Adam and Eve’s obedience. By pointing out that there were unknown factors hidden within its branches, Satan was able to seduce Eve into separating the thought processes of her soul from the spiritual “Word of Truth” that the Lord has spoken to her and Adam. As long as they remained united under God’s authorization, Adam and Eve held the delegated power to keep that tree untouched and the rest of the Garden protected.

I find it very interesting, and revealing that Satan used their sense of curiosity to begin a process of dividing them as a means of removing their spiritual authority. First he subtly targeted the woman, who had originally been separated from the innermost recesses of Adam’s own being. Next he isolated her, and tricked her into speculating about decisive issues on her own. Then Satan used her wrong decision to paralyze Adam with enough indecision about his true loyalties until, incredibly, he did nothing to stop the bleeding!

This is a very important point in our effort to gain an understanding of how the enemy strategizes against God’s people today, especially Christian couples. To the serpent’s assertion that greater knowledge and understanding awaited the one who would eat of its fruit, Eve should have simply answered that it really did not matter! She might instead have grilled him about the virtues of the Tree of Life and questioned his unwillingness to talk about it! We must learn to always “choose life” in the spirit because the more of it we have the more capable we become of handling the knowledge which automatically grows out of our maturation process. Outside of God what is really worth knowing, anyway? Just like Adam and Eve, we usually come to this realization only AFTER we have made the wrong spiritual decisions. Spiritual people leave the “WHYS?” to God and get on with enjoying the Paradise that His Presence affords them. For you “know-it-alls” this one is a “no-brainer!” Jesus is coming soon…let each one of us keep our faith in His Word!


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