Life’s 7 Most Important Questions: #7 WHAT THEN WILL MY OUTCOME BE?

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“…And the Lord God said to the woman, ‘What is this you have done?’”      Genesis 3:13 NKJV

The final question I have for you is not one the devil wanted Eve to think about. What will the decisions we make in our minds manifest in the spirit? Had Eve been more focused on her relationships with God and Adam she could have asked herself, “Have I used my mind appropriately and thought completely through all my actions until my innermost being has had a chance to express itself in God?” Our outcomes in life depend on this kind of spiritual thinking. How different things really would have been if only Adam and Eve had done this. They would have gone on to unknown natural and spiritual levels, and we would never have had to learn these same hard lessons. We would effortlessly and straightforwardly walk as spiritual men and women with awesome mental capacities in that physical paradise God created to be a heaven on earth.

Thank God Jesus came as the “second Adam” according to First Corinthians chapter 15, verses 45 through 49. He has restored the ability for mankind to live in the Spirit again by following through with the call of God where Adam failed. Jesus’ life was all about the submission of His soul to the Spirit of God. As a result he completely fulfilled and finished the superior plan of God for mankind. His sacrifice was one of soul and body for the freedom of the spirit of man. He did nothing from his own design. Everything Jesus did was purely spiritual in that it was God formatting His every move; and thus absolutely perfect.

If the first couple had thought these questions through and not fallen under the power of sin, they would still have encountered Christ the Lord, because man and woman created by God will always behold and realize their total need to depend on the Godhead, (The Three in One.)

We only lack the perfect physical and mental environment Adam and Eve had originally. I believe our spiritual capacity is potentially even greater than theirs. We now have the opportunity to experience God’s plan for our lives through the person and power of Christ Jesus, even though we have all already eaten of the forbidden fruit! Beyond that we have the further opportunity to reflect a degree of the likeness of God to every person we come in contact with. We actually become the physical and mental representation of the Lord to those who so desperately need to encounter Him on a personal level…until He returns!


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