Our Vision

Our four point vision is based on a bold desire to declare and demonstrate God’s Word, Spirit, Body and Mission to the world!

1. Preparing the Church

Boldly Declaring the Word of the Lord and Challenging the Church, Rocky is a traveling Bible preacher. He uses the faith it releases to help inspire believers to answer the call of God, and walk in the spiritual reality Jesus died to awaken in them. People are saved, healed and delivered as he ministers in churches, conferences and Bible schools worldwide. Most importantly, a restored sense of the true power in God’s purpose for His people to move together is unlocked in many people and places.  (Matthew 16:16-19; 18-15-20)

2. Feeding Your Spirit

Boldly Releasing the Holy Spirit and Truth, Rocky helps believers get in touch with their supernatural Helper and Guide, the source of God’s enlightenment and true sustenance, given to indwell, bring revelation and empower the Church to reach the world.  (Ephesians 1:17-18)

3. Building People

Developing God’s people to BE Jesus’ Body, a living, working, interdependent model of His own authority is Rocky’s true heartbeat. We must work to let Him build this concept through us both locally and globally.  Therefore we have a ministry network designed to allow believers and especially churches to work together across geographical boundaries through physical, virtual and interactive ministry gatherings.  (Ephesians 1:23;4:11-17)

4. Warning the World

Boldly reaching out and praying for the nations of the world through these other three channels is Rocky’s mission. That eyes would open, that sinner and saint alike would turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to Jesus. Rocky believes the local church will always be the heartbeat of God, which is why we maintain one as our base of all ministry.  A real church is the best way to prove God to the world!  (Ephesians 3:7-12)