• Rocky Veach is a personal friend but much more a true man of God. A man Jesus is raising up to carry the torch of biblical knowledge and wisdom mixed with evangelism and witness. As I grow older and my time is shorter I am thrilled to read this book and know the great hope we have for the Gospel to go forth to all the world in the generation now and to come. Rocky is a powerful voice in this fresh new wave of the Glory of God sweeping the earth. I wholeheartedly recommend “Everyday Preparation for Jesus’ Return! –Arthur Blessitt,  A cross carrying pilgrim follower of Jesus, www.blessitt.com

  • I finished reading Newtown’s law. An excellent book. I highlighted many great points. It has really reminded me of the spiritual battle that we live in. great job!–Joel

  • Just wanted you to know that your book (Newtown’s Law) was a hit for J’s mom. She is a significant special ed teacher in a neighboring town here in Colorado for kids with autism and really extreme learning disabilities. I thought it was neat of her to quote her favorite part in the book when I shared Newton’s law on my facebook page. J has told her a lot about you guys and we are hoping she will come to the services next month. She even ordered one for the superintendent of their school!–Elisa


  • I was in NY from 2009-2011 and I came to the connections church in Wappingers Falls for 2yrs. My mother came there while she was visiting too. I had a 5yr old and a 2yr old and when we were moving to Austin I sent you an email. You replied back and told me that lot of things will happen for us with the Lord’s appointment here. And it did and is still happening.

    I am so much better spiritually and in every way. I have drawn nearer to God and I see The Lord leading and guiding us as a family. My elder girl Sahani who is now 7yrs old is attending a lovely Christian school the Regents school of Austin which gives a Christian classical education. And she is so blessed. They recite psalms and various verses. Valentines day they recite 1 Corinthians 13 the whole chapter with actions. I cannot believe how well and fast they learn it and how easy it is for them. She’s so happy there and we as a family is blessed. They have moms prayer time and Dads bible studies early morning every week. I am praying that my husband will attend.

    My husband was not interested in sending our girl here. But God miraculously turned his heart around and he is paying for the school even though there is a very good public school in front of our house. This itself testifies to God’s  goodness and power. I am thrilled.

    Thank you again for all your prayers while I was in NY  it surely broke the enemy’s hold over our lives. My husband lets me take the kids to a charismatic church here. The churches are huge here. And we have a lot more peace and love in our home. My husband is changing. Please pray that he will be saved and join us for worship soon. Please also pray for my mother Ira who is in Srilanka . I am wanting to go visit her with my 2 girls this summer. Please pray that I will have peace and that everything will workout for the trip.



  • My wife and I live in Texas. I fly a corporate jet (Lear 60) for a food wholesale company,  Doris is a corrections officer for the county we live in. We have been married for 13 years now and doing well. We are both involved in Roller Derby and have been for four years now.  Lots of fun and good exercise. We also ride motorcycles for entertainment.

    I saw your interview on television after the school disaster. Your words were what we needed to hear at such a time. I’m glad that we were able to communicate again, it has been a long time.  If you are ever in Texas, please let us know.  I travel a lot so let me know where exactly you’re at in Connecticut and maybe we can have lunch some day.