Dreams & Revelations

Rocky’s “watchman’s list” of the most important things the Lord has shown him. 

These dreams, visions and prophetic words will help prepare you to follow God’s high call forward into our future.

Prophetic word – March 1, 2020

Safe in the Calling – Will America Fall or Heed God’s Call?

Jesus wants to be your Jonathan: God’s Word for our Time

TAU Tabernacle – How to Approach the Last-Days Church

Get in the Water: We Can’t Fix today’s Church from the Inside

The Bridge of Courage:  How to Make it Through Great Tribulation

POW/MIA: Finding Lost Christianity

The $100 Reminder: Finding God’s Provision in the Wilderness

Danger at the Pastor’s Meeting

Get God’s Perspective of the Temple He is Building

Checking the Church’s Roof: The Missing Piece in Our Covering

Newtown’s Law

Everyday Preparation for Jesus’ Return