Life’s 7 Most Important Questions: #1 WHO DO YOU TRUST?

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“And Satan said to the woman, can it really be…” Gen. 3:1 AMP

The first question we must ask ourselves in order to eliminate the kind of speculation that erodes our faith in the Lord is simply are we presently trusting GOD, MAN OR OURSELF?

Eve was living in such a naturally supernatural state with God that she had never considered the possibility of turning to another source of authority in making her decisions. As a result of her “self-discovery,” the rest of us find the ability to rebel against God to be a very natural inclination that must be actively opposed on a deeper level than just mental reasoning. We must purpose to trust in the Lord with all of our heart, not ‘leaning’ on our own understanding. Once we first acknowledge Him in all of our ways, God’s Spirit can then teach us His ways and make our paths straight (Proverbs 3:5).

Remember that you must stand firm in your position in God’s Garden! We begin from a place of victory because of the fact that Jesus Christ came as our “second Adam” and, after making all the right decisions (that Adam didn’t make), exchanged His life for ours! Like that first couple in the Garden of Eden we now have the ability to say, “This is the garden God created for us and we will guard and keep it!”

There are 3 specific things you need to remember at this point in the process of becoming a more decisive servant of God. First, in order to truly trust God, you must learn to trust the instincts He built into your spirit or ‘inner man.’ Two, learn to seriously distrust your own reasoning and perception of things as you see them right now. If you are not open to spiritual realities how can you come to understand things from Gods’ perspective? Finally, don’t let the devil surprise attack you. Expect him to intrude into your ‘garden’ and be ready to answer his every move with the truth of what God has spoken over your life and family!


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