Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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In the morning hours of March 20, 2013 I had a dream about the importance of remaining faithful to the call of God during these increasingly turbulent times. It also gives, through specific symbolism, significant insight into how I believe the Lord wants His Church to approach that walk in the last days.

I was crossing a large bridge in the New York City metropolitan area headed toward Long Island. The dream began as I was approaching from the west on the eastbound side, looking up to the center of the bridge through all its metal girders out into the open sky. I could not see the other side because of the raised arc of the design, only the unfolding roadway as I proceeded forward.

At this point I realized that I was actually escorting two old high school friends and my youngest daughter across this bridge, as if leading a personal tour out of the city into a more suburban area. These were two close friends and, as we shall see, I believe this fact as well as their names were quite significant. The overall feeling was very relaxed but as we advanced toward the center of the bridge I began to notice that the conditions around us had become subtly turbulent. In particular, the wind was blowing strongly and the water underneath this bridge seemed to be slapping the bottom, jumping up above its railings on either side.

It was as if not everyone else realized what was happening but our height coupled with these conditions suddenly made me aware of just how dangerous things had turned in such a small space of time. Sensing the need to remain calm, I continued acting relaxed and unfazed by the circumstances. This helped us proceed over the hump and eventually bring our destination back in perspective as we headed down the other side. During this entire time I really felt sure of where we were going but it was also like I had never been there before. My purpose seemed to be making sure the flow of things did not cause people to get caught up in the things around us before we arrived at our destination.

As the other side came into view I realized we needed to find a restaurant in which to eat. Being in New York, I knew we would find good food and soon we were dining in a typically upscale eating establishment. The dream ended with the owners telling us they had been expecting our arrival and had a job offer suited to my daughter’s abilities. Since she enjoys cooking, it seemed surprising yet perfectly normal. Upon awakening I found myself saying, “that was the Kosciuszko Bridge.”

“What a strange dream!”, I thought to myself. “What in the world does that mean?” I knew it was God but, as is often the case with my dreams, I also knew I was going to have to spend some time combing through the details to find the hidden treasure. It actually took me two days to get back to it, partly because the name, “Kosciuzko” just doesn’t leave your mind easily and partly because my youngest daughter “totaled” her car later that morning on her way to school!

Both the name “Kosciuszko” and my daughter are obviously central to the meaning of this dream. First, the bridge I saw is a real one, named after a Polish hero and it really does go in the exact direction I saw. Tadeusz Kosciuszo, fought bravely with the Americans in the Revolutionary War. His name means “courageous and constant.” His entire life was a reflection of that character. So bottom line, he was a sold out, bold and brave revolutionary leader!

My two friends’ names echo similar shades of meaning. The first guy’s name means a “lasting ruler and musician” while the other is simply a “renowned hunter!” These are friends but they also represent people who have recently started coming out into the Lord’s call for their lives. Notice, I have a natural care for their destiny but also a responsibility to bring them safely beyond the trouble which threatens their arrival. As you will see next, everything about the Church’s final approach to this unfolding journey we are on today will demand the courage to be kingdom finishers.

Second, our youngest daughter always seems to represent my ministry in my dreams and I’ve noticed more often than not whatever I’m doing usually signifies the Church as a whole. This dream seems to be no exception. Molli Margaret is in the background in the beginning but comes into the foreground in the end. Her name means both j”bitter waters” and “pearl.” I believe God is simply showing me that there is a bold, radical remnant of kingdom-minded believers rising up and over the turbulent waters of our time, bringing the harvest with them. And they are going to find that “kingdom” Jesus talked about-the pearl of great price!

For sure, the most meaningful aspect of this dream is the very real body of water this bridge really crosses. To my astonishment, it basically separates Brooklyn from Queens and is a gateway to the rest of Long Island and is named, “Newtown Creek”! I had faintly heard of the Kosciuszko bridge years ago but I had no idea there was creek named “Newtown” there…but God did. This obviously means a lot to me and by now it should be starting to mean just as much to you. The events of 12-14-12 in Newtown, CT though tragic, are very indicative of the escalating turbulence and danger in our current world.. It is real and we have to face it to cross over it with courage and get to where we are supposed to go in these last days.

It was no accident my daughter lost her car the morning of this dream and it was no accident that God saved her life. Those who are “sent” often have things sent against them by our Father’s adversary. The fact is, we cannot be stopped because Jesus is our victory! We’ve got a destination to get to where even more people will be expecting us to show up! The ultimate blessing is in going over to where the true food is waiting along with the Father’s predetermined provision of our unexpected favor.

One final note. In researching the Kosciuszko bridge I discovered it is widely considered to be the most dangerous bridge in New York City and possibly all of New York State! Therefore, it is due to be not just “restored” but “rebuilt” in the days ahead! It is going to be lowered and streamlined to better handle the traffic load. It reminds me of God’s Church. It too is being more than restored…it is being rebuilt to better reflect the Kingdom of Heaven and to streamline the harvest God is collecting from the cities of this world. Choose to be a radical, revolutionary for that kingdom. Wake up, this is your bridge! Be one God can send to the other side. Be a part of the real church that overcomes all adversity and becomes THE answer for the dangers of this age!


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