The $100 Reminder

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In early September, before the Wall Street melt down at the end of 2008 I had an experience that was closely connected to the MIA-POW dream I had at the very end of 2007.

I was preaching in Alaska, as I did at that time a few times each year. We had good meetings in a local church there but it was something that happened on a fishing trip, which turned out to be a prophetic insight of the week…and the next several years!

Standing on the bank of a remote area on the Kenai River that day I suddenly noticed a piece of paper floating downstream toward me, which upon closer examination, turned out to be a $100 bill! For just a moment I felt like Peter when he was sent to collect Jesus’ taxes. Uh, you don’t normally find money floating down remote rivers!

Free cash is always nice, but to make a long story short, I found more than money that day. At that moment, the Lord spoke to my heart and told me emphatically to not worry about provision. I knew believers needed to be sure God will get them what they need in tough times, from the most unlikely places.

Looking back things certainly changed drastically, both in the financial condition of the nation, in the direction of my ministry and even in my relationship with that church. God has been faithful in the midst of the negatives we have faced and will continue to be…remember not to lose your heart in these end times and become lost or imprisoned!


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Rocky Veach is a respected leader, preacher, and pastor within the Christian community. He is best known for his passionate, people-building approach to ministry both in the United States and abroad. Read full biography.
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