What God’s People Say About Him

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  • (and) all the angels stood around the throne and the elders and the four living creatures, and fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying: ‘Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen.–Revelation 7:11-12

Not only do we find believers in heaven in the midst of the coming “Great Tribulation” period demonstrating the greatness of God, we also find them amongst angelic beings and great men of God from history. In fact, we see the latter saying ‘amen’ to God’s purposes in having used these martyrs as His testimony on earth, and then gathering them to Himself. Not only is there tremendous body language in this scene, but also powerful speech. After this heavenly host fall on their faces in worship, they utter seven specific words all servants of God should become familiar with:

  1. Blessing speaks of largeness and fine reverential speaking. The Greek word is “Eulogia,” used in English when a great man is “eulogized” at his funeral.
  2. Glory speaks of the very apparent dignity of God. Literally, it means the highest thought one can have!
  3. Wisdom is a word meaning “Clear” and speaking especially of practical skill or acumen, not just discretion or intelligence.
  4. Thanksgiving is used to express one’s gratitude for what another has done for them. It means to be grateful from the heart.
  5. Honor is a word with which we show the great value of something and the high esteem that must be expressed for it. It literally means “money paid.”
  6. Power is the recognition of God’s supernatural Force. It is miraculous in nature. This word is also used for a miracle itself.
  7. Might is the ability to enforce and apply forcefulness. This is recognition of God’s supreme authority and our submission to Him.

These are not words reserved for the future they are used by all who wish to be in God’s presence anytime, anywhere! In preparation for the Lord’s return we must learn to speak the language God wants to hear. He always draws closer to those who are serious about their approach to Him. Use these words in your conversation and in prayer. You may find yourself caught up in heavenly places now!

This excerpt was taken from Everyday Preparation For Jesus’ Return by Rocky Veach.


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Rocky Veach is a respected leader, preacher, and pastor within the Christian community. He is best known for his passionate, people-building approach to ministry both in the United States and abroad. Read full biography.
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