Only Believers in MOTION Will Save US In The End

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My book, “Newtown’s Law”, outlines 4 simple spiritual laws God has given any believer in order to overcome every evil obstacle life throws his or her way.  Since the Bible clearly describes the “last days” as a time of increasing darkness, like we see building in the world around us today, we increasingly need to know how what I call the “Spiritual Law of Motion” works.  Therefore, allow me to summarize it here in an effort to help anyone unable or unwilling to purchase the complete teaching, which grew out of my experience as a pastor in Newtown, Connecticut during the Sandy Hook massacre.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the religion of today is not going to bind satan’s hands and our political landscape isn’t going to push us toward a return to the kind of spirituality that has revived America many times in her past.  We need a real awakening, not just a Hollywood modeled or Washington led version of one!  My life story (as outlined in the book) is one of struggling to come to God and subsequently struggling to understand why so many people seem to stop short of the spiritual line that the world needs Christians to cross.  Believers are the best answer for evil on any day because they represent Jesus.  According to the Bible, we are, “God’s Mystery” antidote to this dangerously lost, “Mystery Babylon” world system!  Those around us need the transfer of His spiritual life that we are supposed to be carrying.

When Jesus asked a rhetorical question in Luke 18:8, it was meant to get our full attention.  After describing, in parable form, how one destitute widow received the verdict she needed, against all odds, before a tyrannical judge, the Lord then asks how many people will really have the same kind of faith in the end times?!  He taught us here that God is always intent on saying yes to us and helping us quickly through our dangerous surroundings … BUT that our ability to receive answers often depends on our RESPONSE in the midst of difficult circumstances.

This woman reflects the fact that believers are more powerful when in motion, just like objects in the physical dimension.  Her story takes place in a courtroom but it really speaks of our position as new risen creatures in this old fallen world.  Spiritual movement is powerful!  Its force in one causes the spiritual realities around other people and things to begin shifting.  This is why something as seemingly insignificant as prayer can often have tremendous impact.  It is also why the combined Body of Christ is the most powerful thing on earth.

Do you want to up your ability to make big differences in life?  If so, remember these 4 New Testament laws I mentioned earlier:

#1. The “Law of the Spirit of Life” in Christ Jesus.  It reverses “Murphy’s Law” (people’s compounding negative reaction to the tendency of things to go wrong).  Problems in the flesh can be both caused and countered by actions in the spirit.  See Romans 8:1

#2. The “Law of Faith”.  Spiritual motion to trust what cannot be seen moves mountains and releases people from the man-made laws of religion.  It also frees us from competing at the constant disadvantage the “Law of the Jungle” demands, where, “only the strong survive”!  See Romans 3:27

#3. The “Law of Sowing and Reaping”.  Intentional planning like a farmer creates specific outcomes which continue producing far beyond our personal limitations.  The basis of all reproduction on this planet is directly connected to the initial seeds sown here by its Creator, who is “Spirit”.    See Mark 4:3-20

#4. The “Royal Law of Liberty”.  True freedom in life comes from relating to God and people properly.  The “Golden Rule” Jesus taught commands us to practice doing to others what we ultimately want to have done to us.  See James 1:22-25; 2:8; Matthew 7:12

Choose to live your life in Christ today around these basic rules of conduct.  Replace all the do’s and don’t’s of modern religion with these and you’ll find yourself advancing much further in the call God has placed upon us all.  When confronted with difficulties, especially of the evil variety, just take the following steps to stay on track and keep influencing others for good.  As you do, you will discover God taking control in many ways simply because we have continued to draw near to Him in the midst of it all and thereby opened a door for Him to involve Himself in the center of our concerns!

Now, remember Sir Isaac Newton’s “Law of Motion” and start taking these, “6 Spiritual Steps:

#1. STEP BACK – and look at the spiritual realities in and around your life.  Choose to ‘want to know’ what you many not have been comfortable finding out.

#2. STEP AWAY – from the temptation to move the wrong way.  Look evil in the eyes and choose the goodness of God’s direction for you, your family and your town.

#3. STEP UP – and address your opportunity to change the playing field or reverse spiritual momentum.  Find your ‘waggle’ so you can make your move.

#4. STEP FORWARD – and take your best shot at connecting with God and what He puts in front of you.  Make a difference by forcing the right issues.

#5. STEP OUT – and expect the results that God promises.  Give Him the time and space to move in your world, so what comes back will pack an eternal punch.  Become a carrier of knockout power.

#6. STEP THROUGH – the door of God’s idea of “church”.  Engage in the corporate BODY that Hew has authorized to shut every door that hell tries to open in your community.

Only Jesus can truly make America great.  So lets get things moving again in God’s direction!


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Rocky Veach is a respected leader, preacher, and pastor within the Christian community. He is best known for his passionate, people-building approach to ministry both in the United States and abroad. Read full biography.
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