Life’s 7 Most Important Questions: #2 WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

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“…can it really be that God has said..?”    Gen. 3:1 AMP

The second step in becoming a spiritually decisive Christian goes hand in hand with the former. It can also be learned through Adam’s and Eve’s mistake.

We must come to rely on ‘Revelation Knowledge’ as opposed to WHAT we know by calculating the sum of things around us. A believer has to be able to distinguish between the sources and meanings of the information to which they have access. Things are not usually as they first appear from a deductive mental glance. Our minds, although very complex and incredibly capable, are finite and subject to error. Our spirits on the other hand, when awakened to God through a rebirthing encounter with Jesus, are cleansed by His blood and infinitely able to receive information from God. Our spirits can then relate to Him and appropriately monitor our thoughts, feelings and actions.

We are commanded in the Bible to “Walk in the spirit,” which means learning to weigh our intuitive perception about matters even before we began to reason them out in our minds. The old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know” is true when it comes to spiritual decisiveness. What we know is important and our mental capacities are important AFTER we are in the safety of a right relationship with God. From there we can then trust our instincts about things and make much better decisions.

According to the Bible, our mind actually becomes “renewed” as we follow this course of action. There are three things you must remember about WHAT you know. First, begin to explore and learn the difference between your spirit and your soul. Remember to check the source of the information your mind processes by asking yourself if it is coming from within or without, then follow the inner guidance system God has built into you (1John 20-27).

Second, know your Scriptural Boundaries. Many mistakes can be avoided in the arena of decision making if you having a good working knowledge of what God has already said to others. Remember, this also means going beyond just what the Bible says into the ‘spirit’ of what it teaches.

Finally, learn to recognize the demonic strategies that tempt you to follow anything other than God. Much if not most of the modern Christian world ignorantly substitutes mental understanding for spiritual revelation, thinking they are making intelligent decisions. The wisdom of this world, or the prevailing thought patterns of society at large, represent foolishness to God and will ultimately lead believers into error (1 Corinthians 1:18-28).


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