Dream About Apostasy Within The Church

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From Mariah Jones – In November of 2019, The Lord gave me a dream regarding apostasy within the contemporary church. Since the dream was very clear in the way God presented it, I tried to keep this video short and to the point as well. I hope that this video encourages others to pray about choosing a church that preaches the truth about Jesus Christ and the importance of repentance. Please be mindful of certain churches that focus mainly on prosperity, as God’s Will is for us to focus more on righteousness and repentance. Jesus Christ is the Only Way in which we can have true peace and eternal life. Let’s focus on keeping our eyes on Christ and ETERNAL LIFE rather than this world and this life. I know it’s easier said than done, which is why we have to rely on God’s strength to help us in this fight via His Holy Spirit. Much love to you all and God bless you.


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