Faith Works

Faith Works is an extension program of Hillsong Bible College in Sydney, Australia. This two year correspondence Bible College is taught by Pastor Bobbi Veach.

Program Goals

  • To build a positive faith-filled attitude into the life of every student.
  • To empower students to transform their minds, attitudes and character through the Word of God.
  • To train and equip students to discover their God-given purpose and potential.
  • To release people to serve the local Church in their ministry-gifting.

Many of church leaders have taken this course and have grown tremendously in their personal walk with God as well as there ability to be good leader for God’s Kingdom and in every aspect of their lives. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

“Faith Works Bible College has been a great asset to our local church. As a Pastor and teacher of the classes, I have watched tremendous growth in each of the students as they began to gain relevant and pertinent information from the Word of God. These topics have given each student a sound and biblical foundation for the ministry functions which they are now serving in. It has been my pleasure for the last nine years to see students from all walks of life take the knowledge they gain and enter with confidence into the destiny God has for them.” ~ Pastor Bobbi Veach

During year one, you will explore your personal relationship with God, His nature, and His love for you. During year two, you will explore the dynamics of  being  a leader and Godly leadership by looking through the lives of many leaders throughout the Bible. By the end of the two year course, each student will have learned to:

  1. Expand their understanding and knowledge of God’s Word.
  2. Apply Biblical principles to become successful in every area of their personal life.
  3. Overcome the challenges of life with a spirit of faith.
  4. Deepen their relationship with God.
  5. Connect with other students.
  6. Discover their own ministry gift.