UNderground CHURCH

The Underground Church or “UN-Church” is a new concept in getting the most out of your local church experience. It is my response to a Word from the Lord about the urgent need in this generation for believers to focus on the things that matter most spiritually.
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We bring ‘church’ to you to help you in 3 Ways:

  1. To supplement what you may not be receiving in your own home church simply because it is not available there. We can help you be a bigger part of helping your church’s vision come to pass.
  2. To give those without a viable local church option a place to fellowship and receive the training we all need to follow God’s call for our lives.
  3. To develop a core of Christians committed to seeing the Church be what the Bible says it is built for.

It is my way of giving something back to those who support the heavenly vision I carry in my travels to promote His presence, purpose and power among believers dedicated to ‘being’ the Body of Christ. Together we can make a difference by acting on what the Word of God says church really is and standing for what Jesus is building instead of endlessly attending church services.

I believe there are 4 basic ways we can help you get the most out of your Christian experience:

  1. Join our prayer network and make the “In the GAP” global hour of intercessory prayer part of your weekly church life. Let us help you catch the spirit of prayer and jumpstart your own desire to spend more time both ministering to the Lord and availing yourself to the leading of His Spirit for others.
  2. Listen to our 4Runner program to catch all five of the kinds of ministries Paul said God uses to build the church in Ephesians chapter four. You need more than just a pastor, there are also Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, and Teachers assigned to training you and building us into the real church. All five of these guys keep us fueled with the Lord’s teaching. We help bring the best of them to you on a regular basis.
  3. Interact with other partners within our network to build relationships with believers and ministries that put the same importance on ‘being the church’ that you will come to require. Local fellowship grows stronger when connections are also made with what Christ’s Body is doing globally.
  4. Purposefully engage other believers in your area by inviting them to do these things with you, either in homes or churches, around times of food and fun where you live. We are not trying to take away from any local church. Rather we aim to help build them by challenging their members and ministers to put God first in the area of how church is being done.

Finally, these are the things the first believers in Jesus did spontaneously and automatically. Check Acts 2:42 to find how these things developed into an unstoppable, heavenly organized, free-flowing spiritual force as the Church grew in strength and power. We believe Jesus, as the Head of operations, is still building a Church the gates of hell cannot prevail against (Matthew 16:18) and He is intent on using you and me to do it.

This is also one way to reverse the increased distractions caused in our daily lives by expanding technology. We may not always have the chance to use technology for the Kingdom of God in this way, so lets work together while we do! What benefits you in the Underground Church will only multiply the benefits of the Lord for many others out in the ‘real world.’ Join the movement to take the church back today!